Straddling the end of its first 100 years and the dawn of its next 1000, the entertainment industry is growing so rapidly even those in the business are scrambling to keep pace. It is bigger, more complex and more robust than at anytime in our history. It is an especially propitious moment for those on the docks ready to embark on what may be American industry’s most exciting journey yet.

Entertainment 101 is a guide to this mythical, mystical, confusing world of entertainment — and the people who rule it and run it. To simplify things, we have divided the far-flung and variegated entertainment industry into its six principle businesses: film, television, music, new media, theater and radio. To help understand how a project is actually created and to identify the players in each medium, we have listed the typical cast and crew credits from a film, a television show, a record album, a stage play, an on-line magazine and a radio show. We have described in detail the jobs of each artist

Entertainment 101: An Industry Primer



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